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What does community-based mean?

It means that we work where we live. That our clients are our neighbors, relatives
and friends. It also means that we have a commitment to our local medical community
and to the environment in which we live.

We integrate this approach into every service that we offer:

Experienced local staff answers your calls, immediately ready to assist you with any inquiries
you may have.

Our couriers pick up and deliver daily or on-call to fit your office's scheduling needs.

All pathology and cytology supplies are provided at no cost.

We accept all insurance companies.

We are aware of the burden of medical expenses:
  • Our Pap prices are less than the large "Pap Mill" labs.
  • We will match any discount given by the referring clinician, including pro bono work.
  • Hardship discounts available to the uninsured and underinsured.
  • Additional discounts are available on a case-by-case basis.

We make environmentally friendly choices, such as using non-formaldehyde based fixative
(also safer for you and your staff) and using recycled paper.

We use technology to make human decisions better, such as:
  • The ThinPrep Pap test plus the computer assisted Imaging System.
  • HPV DNA subtyping and GC/Chlamydia testing from a single sample.
  • Our highly efficient computerized patient database which includes all of a patient's diagnostic history for all biopsies and cytologies, facilitating accurate correlation and follow-up of your patients.

Our team is small enough to give attention to detail and superior client support, but
large enough to ensure up-to-date diagnostic expertise, and the use of appropriate technologies.

We share opinions, experience, and judgment to arrive at the most accurate consensus diagnoses.

We are your “Path to a Better Diagnosis”

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