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We are always available for questions or consultations regarding tissue pathology. There is a pathologist on-call 24 hours a day, everyday.


We are always available for questions or consultations regarding cytology.

We are the only lab North of the Golden Gate that screens all Paps with both the new computer-
aided Imaging system and an experienced cytologist (providing both objective and subjective
layers of quality).

A single sample can yield: Pap testing, HPV typing and GC/Chlamydia testing. All Paps are
screened for HSV, Trichomonas and Fungus. Other testing is available upon request.

Liquid-based Paps allow more accurate interpretations and fewer repeat Pap tests.

Specimens are sorted by insurance for you at no charge. If required by an HMO, we forward
them for you to the required lab the same day, with no loss in turnaround time.

Cytologies are correlated with tissue biopsies.

STAT results on Pap tests are available upon request. Results of routine Pap tests are
available within 48 hours, via fax, or electronically if desired. Laser-printed reports delivered
within 2-3 days (slightly longer if not a routine case).

Reporting includes:
Bethesda and Descriptive Diagnoses.
History summary on report.
Patient phone number on report.
Copies to consulting or referring physicians as requested.

Reminder mailers are provided for patient follow up at no cost. Monthly summary report of
findings delivered to your office for patient follow up.

Patient records maintained in electronic database with in-house billing services.

Automatic HPV testing protocols can be individually tailored to meet your needs.

Non-Gyn, Fine Needle Aspirate Cytology and Immunohistochemical Stain Interpretation available.

To ensure quality, our technologists screen at a pace that they are comfortable with
- not the 80 slides per day allowed by the State and required by many of the large lab
“Pap Mills”.


The HPV (human papillomavirus) test is done in the lab directly from the liquid Pap sample. The HPV test uses advanced, DNA-molecular technology to detect high-risk types of HPV. Our HPV test detects 13 high-risk types of HPV, responsible for nearly 100 percent of cervical cancers. Knowing whether the patient has HPV shows if they are at risk for cervical cancer and need additional exams.

Pathology Services now offers HPV testing for male patients. For more information contact our office at (707) 829-5883.

Qiagen, our HPV test manufacturer, offers a hotline that can help determine if a specific health plan covers the HPV test. Call 1-866-895-1478.


Gonorrhea and chlamydia screenings can be performed in our lab directly from the liquid Pap sample.



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