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HPV stand for "human papilloma virus". It is a very common virus. In fact, it is estimated that 8 out of every 10 women get HPV by the age of 50. For most women, HPV is not a problem. They are able to fight off the infection before it causes any problems. For some, however, the infection persists. If an infection with a "high-risk" type of HPV persists, abnormal cells may develop - and turn into cervical cancer if not detected and treated early.

HPV testing can determine if a patient has high-risk HPV and needs to be examined more carefully. The Pap smear may not find abnormal cells until cancer has developed. That's why experts now recommend that women 30 and over (when risk of cervical cancer is highest) get the HPV test along with their Pap.

For more information on HPV testing go to: Link to www.theHPVtest.com


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